Peru · September 24 - October 1 2023

JUNGLE VIBES I 8 Days in the Peruvian Amazon

Explore your natural vitality in the middle of the jungle and experience the lush, multi-layered abundance of the Peruvian Amazon



The Jungle pulsates in an unmanageable complexity between plant world, animal kingdom and mineral cosmos, while this wildness is full of fascinating laws. Our inner nature is just as complex; explore your natural vitality in the middle of the jungle and as part of a group tour. On this journey, ALINE (CH) and ÁNGEL (Peru / CH), together with the local guide RAÚL, will take you a little deeper into your basic trust with the biodiversity of the Amazon every day - experience the lush, colorful and multi-layered abundance in the breathtaking landscapes of the jungle. You explore the Peruvian mangroves on even paths and on high lookout towers, look over the green sea of ​​endless treetops, experience the wild animal world up close on the boat gliding through the water, get an insight into how former domestic animals are reintegrated into the wild jungle and visit an indigenous one Family of the Machiguenga tribe. All these activities activate a deep joie de vivre. In the circle of the group, Aline and Angel also give the opportunity to reflect on the experiences and thus learn from each other's group wisdom. With regular meditation, shamanic breathing techniques, Lu Jong healing yoga, heart-opening cocoa ceremonies and personal mentoring, both support you in integrating the experiences.



Aline and Angel are welcoming you at the exotic city at the edge of the Amazon - Puerto Maldonado.  Together you will travel on the mighty River, taking your first adventurous trip with the „Puerto de Capitanía“  to our beautiful Jungle Lodge, where the friendly crew and their parrots are already waiting for us with an unique refreshment. 

Once arrived, we will taste the flavor of the Amazon for the first time while we are enjoying our exotic welcome drink outside. Later, you have enought time to explore your own, clean and cosy bungalow by yourself and enjoy the stunning view from your porch - hammock included.

Cacao Ceremony

In the evening, we will all meet again to get to know each other and to open our system and hearts for the experiences of the coming days with a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, lead by Angel and Aline.


Starting our canoe trip on one of the countless small water arms of the Amazon mangroves, we are slowly diving into the depths of the rainforest with our local guide Raul. In reverent silence, we listen to the steady communication of the wild animals around us. What are they telling each other? How do they interact with each other? Raul tells us more about their specific behavior while we are watching groups of monkeys busily interacting with each other. From them, we can adapt and learn how to live together in abundance and peace. Arriving at the hidden lake we are stunned and in awe, enjoying its meditative qualities, keep watching the surrounding wildlife and focus on our connection and interaction with the animals, the plants, the group, ourselves and the whole cosmos.


On one day, we visit the animal rescue centre “Taricaya” in the middle of the rainforest. Connected via liana bridges to high observation towers and platforms, we encounter groups of monkeys, countless colorful local birds and other exotic animals, that were rescued from private households to set them free into the wild again. This excursion and the close encounter with these creatures of the wild teach us about our own civilised being and our story back into the wilderness. 

On this day, we will take the possibility to reflect the experiences of the day within the wisdom of the group, share our emotions with Aline and Angel, who will help us to transform or integrate them in Munay.


After a morning Lu Jong session with Aline and a large organic superfood breakfast, we are heading off to visit the local Machiguenga family, who lives in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest all by itself. We explore how they live in total trust, harmony and peace with Pachamama, cherishing their ancient plant medicine and trusting connection to Pachamama.


One evening, Raul, our very charismatic, local guide, will wait for us at the edge of the "his" forest to take us with him on a journey of a lifetime. With him, either on foot or riverboat, we will experience the Jungle in a total different setting - at Night. 

This unique experience invites us to sink in even deeper into the whole Jungle complex, with all its symbiothics, sounds, scents, energies and specialities. We are invited to trust, completely and explore our profound connection to the wilderness that surrounds us and answers within us. 


Every day you are free to decide whether you want to be part of the daily activity or whether you prefer to explore the jungle on your own or simply relax in the lodge and enjoy the natural sound healing of the jungle.

On the eighth day, you have the option to extend your stay in the Amazon or alternatively add a trip to Cusco (city center, Moray, Maras) , Puno (Lake Titikaka), Machu Picchu (Sacred Valley) or participate in a 3 or 5 day Ayahuasca retreat in San Salvador.

We are pleased to assist you with the individual planning and execution of your transformative trip we are and available in case you have any specific inquiries.


This day ia also open for guests to decide which activities you want to engage, you can explore the jungle or just stay and relax at the Lodge and enjoy your stay


On the eigth day to extend your saty in the Amazon or add a trip to Cusco (City tour, Maras Moray) Puno (Lake Titicaca) Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreats etc. Travel and Healing will be pleased to assist you in the planning and execution of your transformative trip. 


Lu Jong Healing Yoga

Lu Jong Healing Yoga

Aline will gently lead you into your reconnection with yourself, your own wilderness and the wilderness that surrounds you through the practice of Lu Jong healing yoga in the jungle and on powerful places in the Andes.

Shamanic Healing Practises

Shamanic Healing Practises

Angel will lead several shamanic healing rituals during the whole trip that will guide and assist you opening, revealing, reconnecting, let go and revive day by day.

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

This powerful and intense ritual is led by Angel and Aline themselves. It is a process that needs highly experienced and fine guidance by a shamanic healer or practitioner. The heart and energetic systems open up. Released energies have to be led into the right streams to either be integrated or let go by the participant. Therefore, cacao ceremonies are held in a small circle where the group is carefully introduced to the process in advance. Aline and Angel gently lead through the session and assist in integrating the intense experience afterwards.

Natural Sound Healing

Natural Sound Healing

Dive completely into the varied sound backdrop of the Jungle, let it deep into your system and feel the connection to Pachamama through your interaction with the unique local biodiversity.

Natural Superfoods

Natural Superfoods

Fresh, healthy, local and seasonal food right from the rainforest nourish our sytems on all levels.


Our fixed departure date with Angel & Aline is on 24th September, 2023. You will receive all details after your booking. Also the available extensions or options. FROM$1,825.00/pp



Angel has worked with shamanic healing practices for more than 20 years, knows his country better than anyone else and guides our trip not just spiritually but furthermore takes care of the smoothness and fun part of our journey. He will be there for you whatever you might need with an open ear and assist in every kind of situation.



Aline accompanies and guides people on their path to reconnection and visibility of their natural, pure being. Through personal coachings and smooth practices like Lu Jong healing yoga, intuitive lux mapping and professional mentoring, she initiates a powerful shift back to an heart open atmosphere and the beauty of heart language.

What's Included

What's Included

Exotic Welcome Drink at the Lodge

Full Board during your stay

Your own beautiful Bungalow

Your own porch with stunning view

guided excursions as mentioned in the program

daily activities within the group (voluntary)

daily Lu Jong Yoga sessions with Aline

Munay Meditations and shamanic healing practices with Angel

Jungle Bar and Course room directly in the Jungle

daily Superfood: 100% regional & organic

Cacao Ceremony with Angel and Aline

Airport Transfers

Transfers by Riverboat

Local Guide

Reflection circles and personal coachings

Triligual guiding (English, Spanish, German)

40% discount for your child 7-11 years young

Trip Extensions

Travel Insurance

Domestic an International Flights


Sounds interesting?

Standard ticket

Standard ticket

Our fixed departure date with Angel & Aline is October 9th and 16th, 2022. You will receive all details after your booking.


Kids from 7 to 11

Kids from 7 to 11

We have a special program for your kids, if you would like to bring them. Traveling and sharing activities within the lush rainforest and pulsating culture of Peru with your children is absolutely rewarding.


Trip Tips



If you would like to bring your daughters/sons and they are 7 - 11 years young, you are very welcome to do so! A trip like this can be extraordinarily beneficial for their development and strengthen your relationship and connection to each other, themselves, and mother nature. We consider children as the dream, we dream for our future and therefore have created the possibility for them to join (most of) our activities. For an adult, it can be a new experience to travel with younger ones and might be the initiator to revive and awake the inner child again.



For your booking until the 31st of July 2022. This discount automatically applies after using this Promo Code EARLBIRD4JUNGLEVIBES until the 31st of July.

Trip Extensions

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JUNGLE VIBES I 8 Days in the Peruvian Amazon

Peru · September 24 - October 1 2023 · 8 days / 7 nights