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A MUNAY CACAO CEREMONY by SONQO also involves a process of letting go and

receiving. The Pachamama Cacao awakens the MEEK for a liberating process. Mentally,

we always work with the two important qualities of DEVOTION & GRATITUDE: devotion to

one's own inner nature and gratitude that the inner nature is always there for us with the

vitalising qualities of serenity, inner peace, love, compassion and creative power. The

alchemy of all these qualities makes the inner beauty shine. It becomes perceptible with

energy, presence and radiance. We can feel it ourselves and fellow human beings can feel


Every human being (and every being) possesses this inner beauty. And every moment is

once again the chance to let go of outer ideas and demands and be present with inner

beauty - that is peace, that is joy of life - that is our happiness.

Would you like to cultivate the connection to your inner beauty and celebrate this immense

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With a happy heart - Ángel & Aline with our SONQO team