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The principle of Munay


The ancient principle of Munay reflects the eternal universal connection of all beings, the unconditional love and reconnection to yourself and through that, to the whole cosmos itself. Integrating and cherishing this principle nowadays has regained its importance, while we often experience a feeling of disconnection, loneliness and misplacement. Understanding the Munay principle is allowing us to reconnect again. Through translating our heart language, expanding our heart and living the creativity given through this process, listening to intuition and those inner impulses out of the cosmos we can follow our purpose and share our unique qualities with the world.

Our heart is programmed like a computer.

Sounds weird to you? Well, let me explain: Biologically our heart is simply a muscle that contracts and relaxes, causing blood to move through blood vessels around the body, built and trained to convert the given information into action. Furthermore, it is in constant communication with the brain. The heart’s intrinsic brain and nervous system relays information back to the brain in the cranium, creating a two-way communication system between heart and brain.

Interestingly, the heart of the unborn fetus starts beating before its brain has been formed, a process scientists call ‘autorhythm’. According to that, humans form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and a beating heart before either. 

The Heartmath Institute (2012) refers to an independent complex nervous system known as ‘the brain within the heart’, steadily sending emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives. Therefore, our hearts are programmed in a simple, productive, and highly efficient manner, just like a computer they transfer given information into a 1/0 binary coding system. While our brain functions in a completely different way, taking every possibility and opportunity into account before evaluating or even taking a decision, our heart is not capable of “thinking” like that. It can just convert the information given and transform it into energy, one task at a time. It is not capable of “multitasking”, meaning that we as a human being, as an organic organism, cannot focus on different things at the same time.

Considering this, thinking of how we march through our lives day by day, fulfilling manifold tasks addressed to us or addressed by ourselves, running after certain patterns and working through our daily checklists, being stressed out and often driven by negative emotions, it is not surprising that our heart cannot cope with that in the long run. Without the guiding influence of our heart we easily fall prey to reactive emotions such as insecurity, anxiety, anger, fear and blame as well as other energy-draining reactions and behaviors. It is not surprising that this causes a feeling of disconnection,  loneliness, emptiness and loss. Our heart is stressed out, which as many studies and researchers have shown, threws our nervous system out of balance, threatening serious health problems.

Childre and Martin (2019) found out that “positive emotions, by contrast, were found to increase order and balance in the nervous system and produce smooth, harmonious heart rhythms” and add that “these harmonious and coherent rhythms did more than reduce stress: They actually enhanced people’s ability to clearly perceive the world around them.” Conclusively, intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own heart. Learning how to decipher messages we receive from our heart gives us the keen perception needed to effectively manage our emotions in the midst of life’s challenges. 

One could say, the more we learn to listen to and follow our heart intelligence, the more educated, balanced and coherent our emotions become.

The true integration and practice of the Munay principle leads to a new programming of our hearts, providing the 1/0 binary coding system that it loves and is capable of, even driven to. This programming allows us to hear and listen to our intuition again and furthermore, to take daily decisions out of our intuition and heart open atmosphere, which starts a magical so-called ‘domino effect’. Reconnecting to our intuitive spirit gives us the ability to receive universal and intuitive messages again, providing us the input and guidance we need to find and follow our own purpose. This automatically leads to a calm mind, a satisfied heart, inner peace and a secure and stable being.  It opens up a ‘heart- open atmosphere’, allows us to reveal ourselves and through that, provides the capability of sharing our own individual qualities and specialties with others and the whole world. 

There are manifold ways to integrate these principles of Munay into our life in order to create an heart- open atmosphere. Munay Meditations, focusing on universal connection and unconditional love, heart opening Yoga practices with particular attention to our fourth chakra, attentively using heart language throughout your day to communicate straight from your heart, healing and calming our hearts with soothing sounds and vibrations are positively activating our energy flows. Heart opening can be initiated through the ancient technique of guided shamanic breathing, for example. Taking the above explained functionality of our hearts into consideration, shamanic breathing is the perfect manifestation of it. While we inhale cosmic information and energies, microscopic particles and atoms, our organism transforms them kind of magically and immediately into nutritious elements for our system, nourishing our body with it. The exhale contains a contra information we send out into the cosmos again, transformed and enriched with our personal message on top of it. Doing so out of an expanded heart-open atmosphere will turn your message into a poem, nourishing and beneficial not just for those around you but for the whole universe.

Shamanic Breathing with Angel Herrera

With over 20 years of experience in shamanism and spiritualism, Angel cherishes the quality and high potential of ancient shamanic breathing and invites you on a reconnecting, heart opening journey. This technique regulates your ANS (autonomic nervous system) causing a lower heart rate, regulated blood pressure, a relaxed body and mind, creating calmness and inner peace.Shamanic Breathing in the evening allows you to let go of day, open up your heart in calmness and tranquility, prepare for your nocturnal rest with free breath. In order to regenerate best mentally and physically, we have to reconnect again to our sub consciousness and intuition in trust and harmony. The qualities of a deep sleep are manifold and extremely high. During the night we are naturally within our subconsciousness, where transformation happens faster than we consciously might think to know. Shamanic Breathing in the evening helps to prepare for this transformation through reconnecting yourself to your subconsciousness and help you to relax your strategic mind.

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This pracice pictures the connection between our gross and ethereal, spiritual and emotional as well as our mental and psychological  parts. The fine and steady interference between those underlines the importance of the right balance of attention, acceptance and action needed in order to integrate the principle of Munay through a practice.Growing up within a family of shamanic healers in the Andean Mountains, Angel has already learned about the ancient techniques of shamanic breathing as a child and integrates that knowledge in every practice he guides, until this day. 

Especially during the trips in Peru, Angel is guiding himself, he shares this wisdom with his natural mixture of tranquility and easiness. Living and integrating the principles of Munay accompanies us every moment on our trip through the Amazon and the Andean Mountains, whether during a special meditation, healing session with a shaman, silent communication with the jungle and the Apus in the mountains or around the fire with the Indigenous People in Puno.

Camino de Pachamama - Andean Wisdom

The Camino de Pachamama pefectly describes the Integration of Munay on a daily basis, living in a heart open atmosphere on the path of shamanic healing, following the roots of ancient Inca medicine in the high Andes of Peru. Starting off with a heartily welcome ritual by Angel himself, we focus on the powerful daily integration of Munay together with the German shamanic healer and author Michael Hemme.From the Sacred Valley to Cusco to Lake Titicaca, we experience Andean cosmology in all its beauty. One of the many highlights is the hike of the legendary Inca Trail, where we enter the miraculous city of Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate. Powerful healers stand by our side in those magical places, guiding us to transmit these breathtaking experiences through ancient rites - performed against the magnificent backdrop of the snowy high Andean mountain peaks. With their guidance , we open our hearts to see the creator in us to bring the felt power of those places into our home, into our lifes. The journey is ideal for carriers of shamanic medicine, who will find their way straight to the source and sustainably benefit from it. Newcomers have the unique chance to plant new seeds of Munay within their being with a fresh beginner's spirit.

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If it is through meditation, healing yoga, shamanic breathing, soundhealing, spiritual walks and pilgrimages or other tools, in the end there is no right or wrong. 

Once a heart is opened and expanded, once we are thinking, feeling and acting out of our heart atmosphere, the right tool will find its way to us at the right time.In the end, it is not about a practice, it is about the way of life we choose and the integration of all those wonderful bright moments we experience trough a practice or on a journey.                              

"If you follow your heart, 

your brain will follow you both” 

  - Roxana Jones