Group Trips

"Individually we are a drop. Together we are an ocean."-  Ryunosuke Satoro

Better Together

We cherish the wisdom of the group and know about the healing aspect of group experiences. Whether you are already a travel party or an individual, wanting to join one- we have the perfect spot for you.

JUNGLE VIBES I 8 Days in the Peruvian Amazon

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

7 nights

JUNGLE VIBES I 8 Days in the Peruvian Amazon

Explore your natural vitality in the middle of the jungle and experience the lush, multi-layered abundance of the Peruvian Amazon


FOLLOW YOUR PURPOSE  21 Days Self Transformational Journey to Peru

Cusco, Peru

20 nights

FOLLOW YOUR PURPOSE 21 Days Self Transformational Journey to Peru

A Spiritual journey with life changing activities for travellers. Find yourself the beautiful being you are & follow your purpose.


CAMINO PACHAMAMA I 12 days Andean Wisdom

Cusco, Peru

11 nights

CAMINO PACHAMAMA I 12 days Andean Wisdom

Practice ancient shamanic healing at the Andean places of power and awake the shaman in you


Why group trips are so precious

Check out our testimonials

What I loved most was the opportunity to not just share your experiences throughout the day with likeminded people, but furthermore be there for each other in those moments we all experience in a healing process. It was magical and I am still in contact with almost every member of the group- a true gift for me.

Dan, USA

I really enjoyed the guided group meditations and the shared spiritual practises on our journey. Somehow it immediately created a direct connection to each other from the first day on- I can hardly describe it but I felt very comfortable and warm as a member of my group. I think we all had a great time together and learned a lot from each other on a deeper level.

Sarah, UK

Surprisingly enough I found myself in a group of very different people. I was sceptical at first but soon we found out, that we all had the same topics to deal with... therefore, the support and the understanding we shared was unique. I felt deeply connected to my fellows and think I'll never forget those intense moments we shared during our healing ceremonies. Beautiful. Thank you for bringing us together.

Magdalena, GER


Your individual trip extension

You would like to explore more of a particular region, learn more about a special spiritual practice or just want to travel to a place your heart is calling for? We have the perfect extension for you.

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