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Andean Wedding Celebration (Private)

The Andean Wedding has the purpose of thanking Mother Earth for caring for the couples, so that they may live in happiness and abundance.



An Andean wedding is a commitment ritual shared to unify a couple with Pachamama, the Earth Mother who is worshipped and given thanks by the Andean people. Our Andean Wedding offers thanks to Pachamama and asks her to watch over and care for the couple so that they may live in happiness and abundance. This ceremony still forms part of the living tradition of the Andes. This wedding is not only for indigenous Andeans; all couples, even those already married, are invited to participate in this ceremony and newly unify or re-affirm their marriages vows with this ancient Andean ceremony. WE HAVE AVAILABLE OPEN DATES UPON REQUEST 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE TO ARRANGE CEREMONY


About the Andean Wedding

For this celebration we will go to a special place near Huacarpay lagoom to seek the blessing of the mountains. Our shamans then meet the bride and groom to explain the deep meaning of this act and talk to them about the commitment of being together in the journey of life, attached as they will be to the spirit of the closest Sacred Mountain (Apu), Saqsayhuaman and others.

Before the ceremony itself, a cleansing ritual takes place with incense and floral essences. An offering to Mother Earth is prepared as an act of gratitude for all the blessings she provides us.  This offering consists of seeds, candies, flowers, colored wools, metals, beans and llama fat, among other items, which are all symbolically arranged with coca leaves. A ceremonial grouping of 3 perfect coca leaves, an integral part of all offerings in the Andes known as a ¬®Kintu,¬® is shared to close the ceremony, and thin, hand-woven bracelets are given as a traditional symbol of this ritual. To celebrate this union, a tinkaska  (toast) is made to celebrate the joy of the union.


Two authentic Andean Shamans (one male and one female) to officiate the ceremony

Offering to Mother Earth Ceremony

Traditional clothing for the couple to use during the wedding ceremony (if desired)

Translator (Quechua, English, Spanish)

A special gift representing the union of the couple

Transportation (pick-up and drop-off)

Live music

A bottle of champaign/whine to celebrate the union

Not Included

Extra costs to hold guests (you have let us know in advance to organize it)

Special food and other items not mentioned in the itinerary.

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Private ticket for wedding couple

Private ticket for wedding couple


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Andean Wedding Celebration (Private)

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