Coca Leaf Oracle Reading

This ceremony helps you clarify your path & guides you for the right decisions. You can add it as an additional feature to your experience.



The Coca Leaves Reading Session is a spiritual practice since ancient Inca times. When people had to make important decisions or needed advice related to their family, farming season, personal problems, or they wanted to know the weather forecast, they used to ask the sacred Coca Leaves for guidance. The purpose of the oracle reading for the Andean Shamans was to heal, which helps people to find their answers and take the right decision. This session is for everybody who would like to have some guidance and help with taking a decision regarding their personal life, challenges in their career, love life, health, and more.


What is a Coca Leaf Oracle Reading?

Our shamans are experts in making connections with the spirit of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). The Coca Leaf symbolizes the connection between the spiritual and human world, which is why the shamanic healer uses the Coca Leaf to carefully interpret and read what the natural spirit is showing him about your present and future. The ceremony is conducted by an Andean Shaman and will take about 1 hour. You are encouraged and allowed to ask questions to the shaman about the reading, so you can find an answer regarding your personal request. Coca Leaves are sacred and allow us to communicate with the spiritual world. The oracle will give you advice and prevent you from making wrong decisions. It can even guide diseases and eliminate heavy energy (Hucha), which is the main center of unbalance. The purpose is also to embrace harmony and an inner balance. Main elements of this session is to learn more about Andean cosmology, guidance and finding the right answers for your personal life.

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Special offer

Learn more about the Andean cosmology & find the right answers for your personal life.


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Coca Leaf Oracle Reading

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