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Offering to Mother Earth - Ancestral Ceremony (Private)2024

Purpose of this ceremony is to have a one-of-a-kind experience, heightening your human values and spreading these to your loved ones.



The Offering to Pachamama is the most important of all Andean ceremonies. You will be picked up by our transfer staff and brought to the Moon Temple, a beautifully spiritual site located in the outskirts of Cusco. After a little walk with your local guide and shamanic healer, you will participate in the ceremonial Mother Earth Offering. The Offering to Pachamama allows us to give thanks for everything that we have been receiving from her, creating a sense of harmony and unity with nature. You will have the opportunity to consult with one of our shamans on your own personal goals after the ceremony. When performed, we unify our life with Mother Earth, God and the Universal Order. We correctly order all aspects of our lives, from the physical, mental, spiritual and material, and in doing so achieve a high level of vitality, courage, wisdom and passion. Our new order and happiness are shared with all those who surround us. To recognize Pachamama is to protect her. In the Peruvian Andes, we perform ceremonies especially in her honor and to help us develop our own values, such as honesty, wisdom, love and courage. In these times of ecological crises, of water shortages and global warming, we must all awaken our consciousness to Pachamama to save ourselves from destruction. After the ceremony, you enjoy a little organic snack and will be brought back to your hotel in Cusco. (This ceremony is also available as an online Zoom session, please contact us in case you are interested.)


What is a Coca Leaf Oracle Reading?

The day starts with our transport picking you up from your hotel. We will next take a short drive to a spiritual energy center a little ways outside the center of Cusco. The coca leaf reading ceremony starts with a warm welcome, and to begin forming your customized ceremony the shaman will ask for your name and reasons for visiting. There will be a prayer to the Apus (mountain gods) to show our respect. A small blanket will be laid out and the shaman will blow his breath to the mountains through three Coca Leaves. He or she will then lay out a handful of leaves on the blanket. How the leaves fall is the message sent by the mountains. The main categories the shaman will focus on are health, family, friends and occupation.

Within a reading the participant asks a question, an oracle is engaged, and the shaman who is gifted and has been trained in these techniques interprets the answers. The answers you receive enable a better understanding of your destiny and inspire positive and constructive action.

Our shamans are experts in making connections with the spirit of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). The Coca Leaf symbolizes the connection between the spiritual and human world, which is why the shamanic healer uses the Coca Leaf to carefully interpret and read what the natural spirit is showing him about your present and future. The ceremony is conducted by an Andean Shaman and will take about 1 hour. You are encouraged and allowed to ask questions to the shaman about the reading, so you can find an answer regarding your personal request. Coca Leaves are sacred and allow us to communicate with the spiritual world. The oracle will give you advice and prevent you from making wrong decisions. It can even guide diseases and eliminate heavy energy (Hucha), which is the main center of imbalance. The purpose is also to embrace harmony and an inner balance. Main elements of this session are to learn more about Andean cosmology, guidance and finding the right answers for your personal life.

This session is also available as an online Zoom session. Please contact us for more information about the online Oracle Reading.


Organic snack

Pick-up from the hotel and transfer to the spiritual site

Oracle Reading Ceremony with shamanic healer

Translator from Quechua/Spanish to English

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Private ticket for 1 person

Private ticket for 1 person

Have a one-of-a-kind experience, heightening your human values and spreading these to your loved ones.


Private ticket

Private ticket


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Offering to Mother Earth - Ancestral Ceremony (Private)2024

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