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Trifecta of Ancestral Ceremonies (Private) 2024

Three ceremonies will be performed (Flower Cleansing Ceremony, Coca Leaf Reading & Pachamama Offering), all done by Q’ero Nation shamans.



This unique experience was designed for travelers who would like to experience authentic Andean culture and traditions. Three ceremonies will be performed, all done by Q’ero Nation shamans specialized in different areas of healing. The three ceremonies are a Flower Cleansing Ceremony, a Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony, and an Offering to Pachamama, the Earth Mother. Traditional shamanic ceremonies such as these have been practiced since before the time of the Inca Empire and their Quechua culture. Participating in these shamanic ceremonies with an authentic Andean shaman will show you a new perspective on life and will allow you to develop physically and spiritually.


About the ancestral ceremonies

We will pick you up from your hotel and go to a beautiful site located in the outskirts of Cusco. All the ceremonies are presided over by Q’ero shamans from a small village a few days walk up the mountains. Each is specially chosen by a shamanic family to follow their profession. The Q’eros are the closest living descendants of the Incas and still maintain many of their ancient traditions. 


To begin, the shaman must start with the Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony. The shaman will start by asking questions regarding your home life, health, family, friends and occupation. The shaman will say a prayer to the mountains with his satchel of coca leaves held high above his head. He next places them down on a flat surface and gently opens the fabric. The placement of the leaves is his direct insight into your past, present, and future. This is a long-standing practice in Andean culture and a one-of-a-kind experience

Next is the Flower Cleansing Ceremony  done with sage and yellow flowers. Sage is common around houses and businesses here in the Andes, often found by the front door, and is used to ward off bad spirits. In our ceremony, it is used to clean the negative energies from your body. The shaman creates a cover of sage over you while saying a prayer in his native Quechua language. The next step is to cover your body with yellow flowers for protection. Many say they can feel the strong energy as an after effect of the ceremony. It is quite a moving experience.

The final and most important ceremony is the Offering to Pachamama. Pachamama is the Andean word for Mother Earth. We give thanks to Pachamama for our crops and everything we have by putting our intentions back into the earth below. This is done through the prayer of the shaman and his pouch of sacred Andean offerings. All are symbolic of aspects such as protection of travel and relationships, occupational success, and many more. The shaman, with the help of the translator, will go over each offering and its significance in Andean culture before wrapping them all up to go into the bonfire. Once all three ceremonies have finished, it is time to celebrate.


3 different Healing Therapies (Flower Cleansing, Coca Leaf Reading and Offering to Pachamama) with Shamanic Healer

Translator from Quechua/Spanish to English

Transportation for the day

Organic snack

What's Included

What's Included

● Organic snack

● Transportation for the day

Offering to Pachamama) with Shamanic Healer

● 3 different Healing Therapies (Flower Cleansing, Coca Leaf Reading and

Holistic traductor

● Flights

● Travel Insurance

● Optional activities

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Private ticket for 1 person


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Private ticket for groups (2 or more persons)


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Trifecta of Ancestral Ceremonies (Private) 2024

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