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San Pedro Full Day Experience with 3 Healing Ceremonies -PRIVATE

On this day trip you will experience a sacred San Pedro ceremony with our shamanic healer, and participate in 3 ancestral ceremonies.



San Pedro literally means “the one who holds the keys to heaven's gates”. A journey with San Pedro will allow you to see a world you may often take for granted. You will marvel at the beauty of nature witnessing it come alive in front of your eyes. Your appreciation deepens as waves of relaxation wash over you. You may have new insights regarding personal events in your life and experience the world from a different perspective. San Pedro, or Wachuma, which is its original name in Quechua, is one of the most mystical traditions inherited from the ancient Inca Empire. Shaman healers who practice San Pedro Wachuma ceremonies are using this sacred cactus plant to heal people in health, emotional, spiritual aspects. It is the most powerful plant Andean people consider as healing medicine, the same way Amazonian people use Ayahuasca. The San Pedro Ceremony is available as a weekly group departure each Wednesday. If you are interested in a private booking or customized modifications, please leave us a message.


How does the San Pedro ceremony work?

Your sacred San Pedro experience in Peru starts at 8am at your hotel in Cusco, where you will be picked by our team. You will drive for about 20 minutes outside the city of Cusco close to the Moon Temple. Right after your arrival, the shaman will start the preparation of the sacred San Pedro ceremony, explaining to you the benefits and effects of the cactus plant, and everything else you need to know about the ceremony. The San Pedro experience starts with the Haywarikuy Ceremony, which is a special Coca Leaf ceremony to ask for permission and guidance of the Sacred Mountains and Mother Earth. Later, the shaman will perform a Cleansing ceremony based on the principle of forgiveness that allows you to easily access the spiritual San Pedro ceremony. Then you will take the San Pedro medicine to start the ceremony and receive what Mother Earth and the whole universe offers to you. During this experience, you will enjoy an organic picnic and the shamanic healer helps you understand and interpret your visions. He will perform an Offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) to show gratitude and embrace your connection with nature. After finishing the sacred ceremony aroun 4pm, you will be brought back to your hotel in Cusco.


Healing power

Healing power

People who have participated in San Pedro ceremonies describe that they were inspired, having a spiritual or out of body experience, more creativity, experiencing a heart opening, healing of trauma, freedom from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and addictions. Researchers found out that the San Pedro cactus can lower high blood pressure, treat anxiety and nervous conditions, and reduce the risk of cardiac disease.

Spiritual growth & enlightenment

Spiritual growth & enlightenment

San Pedro literally means the one who holds the keys to heaven's gates. The use of San Pedro is a tool for healing and spiritual growth due to its ability to open the subconscious “like a flower.” Many shamans say that the cactus helps us to grow, to learn and assist us in reaching a higher state of consciousness. A life-changing experience that elicits deep insights about yourself, personal experiences and the universe.

Shamanic ceremonies

Shamanic ceremonies

During the San Pedro ceremony, you will learn more about the shamanic healing techniques of the Andes and ancient Inca cultures. The cleansing ceremony helps you release all the negative energy from your body, whereas the Mother Earth (Pachamama) offering has the purpose of showing gratitude, connecting with nature on a deeper level and being thankful for everything that Mother Earth has been giving to us.


Shamanic Healers

Shamanic Healers

Shamans (or Paqo in Quechua) are few and highly respected priests and spiritual healers in the Andean community. They are beings with a higher level of consciousness that they got from their own experience and from their ancestors, and have learned to connect with the spirits of nature and creation. One respected shaman usually needed to pass more than years of shamanic knowledge learning from their masters.

Local guides

Local guides

Our guides have been part of the Travel and Healing family for many years and know the whole region, shortcuts and best views to take you through. All of our guides are very spiritual people, growing up with the influences of ancient Inca and Andes cultures. They are professional certified guides and speak Spanish, Quechua and English. They will be there with you during the whole ceremony.

What's Included

What's Included

Transport from your hotel to the place and back

Master for the San Pedro ceremony

Translating guide from Quechua to English

Organic snack

3 healing ceremonies

Optional activities or meals not mentioned in the itinerary


My daughter and I had the most wonderful experience with Travel and Healing. We were so grateful for T&H's professionalism and punctuality. We were picked up at our hotel right on time, and our guide introduced us to our Shaman. We had 3 ceremonies, and the guide translated for the Shaman. It was profoundly moving to have the Shaman provide a coca-tea leaf reading, and to have a cleansing ceremony. The last ceremony was a traditional offering to Mother Earth. The entire morning was amazing, and a wonderful part of our trip to Peru. Highly recommend!

Shaman ceremonies (Dolores)

I felt really taken care of throughout the experience. The shaman Danilo was really kind, knowledgeable and Flor translated all of his explanations. Going on the walk from the different places led to having many different visions and it was very strong. I really felt connected and it was truly an incredible experience. While we ran out of time at the end to go over what I saw because I continued to have visions, I was able to have a call with Danilo to go over everything that I experienced! It was an incredible day and has inspired lots of future plans!

Lovely experience doing San Pedro (Tal)

Recommend this awakening journey for cultural & spiritual experience seekers! I heard about San Pedro from a blog article about Shamanic medicines and did research online before I signed up. When I met Angel's team, they did not push for sale, instead, they asked me to fill out a questionnaire about my health status for evaluation, and explained the ceremony process and the fact that San Pedro is natural mescaline (the effect would last for 5-8 hours after taking it) clearly in a very professional way.

In Harmony with San Pedro Ceremony (Sophie)


Do not eat meat and spicy food one day before the ceremonial experience. Besides, you should not take drugs or alcohol at least one week before your ceremony, On your last day, you can eat a light, vegetarian dinner. The effects of San Pedro medicine are more effective when you fast around 12 hours before your spiritual experience. This means that a simple, meatless dinner and no breakfast before your ceremony is the best preparation for your San Pedro ceremony. You can arrive on an empty stomach or drink a tea/juice in the morning. You will have an organic snack during the ceremony. It is also recommended to wear comfortable, warm clothes. Besides, many shamans recommend to refrain from having sex or masturbating two weeks before the retreat since this can reduce your physical energy level, which is making it harder to cope with the effects of San Pedro. For your spirit and mind it helps to do spiritual practices that embrace your connection with your inner world. It is good to be in a peaceful environment, to take walks in nature, to meditate, to practice yoga or breathwork, and more. Do mindful activities that help you to be more aware and present.

People with colon problems, high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, or mental illness should be cautious since San Pedro can have strong effects on your body. San Pedro may not be safe in combination with strong meds or antidepressants and can lead to negative effects. Besides, period pain and discomfort may result in a negative experience while taking San Pedro. This is why we recommend you not to do the San Pedro experience during your period. However, if you do not experience severe pain or discomfort, then it is okay for you to participate. We recommend waiting until the second or third day of a period to allow you to gauge the intensity of the pain. 

The effects of San Pedro medicine last for 8 to 12 hours. After taking the San Pedro cactus, many people describe the state of consciousness as enjoyable, euphoric and dream-like. Very often you may feel lethargic or sleepy before the great visions start. It is possible that you may throw up to release the bad energy within you. The effects of the plant can also cause a feeling of slight numbness of your body or a fast heartbeat. Your perception can be changed, for example the intensity of colors, the movements and the visual things you see. The visions usually are not constant but come in waves. Our shamanic healer guides you through the San Pedro ceremony and ensures that your mind, body and spirit is cleansed. It is possible that you still feel effects after the ceremony. However, the effects generally stop after around 8 hours and are less effective as time moves on. The effect of San Pedro has an extroverted and introverted part. The extroverted part refers to the intense connection and harmony between yourself, nature and the whole cosmos. The introverted part is more personal and describes everything you feel if you let it happen. This can be any emotions, personal experiences, inner blockades, and more. There will be a breaking point in which you feel pure happiness, love and inner peace.

  • A backpack with the necessary items for the day
  • A bottle of water (2 liters)
  • Toilet paper
  • A warm jacket
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes

A San Pedro journey provides deep insights and life-changing experiences, giving you a greater sense of connection and spirituality. Mescaline is also known for fostering compassion and gratitude, and helping people save personal problems, access their creativity and be more environmentally conscious.The sacred plant has also been known for its function as a powerful medicine with the ability to cure “unknown diseases”, especially in the Andes culture of Peru. There is actually scientific proof of the medicinal benefits from taking San Pedro. Researchers have shown that the San Pedro cactus is able to reduce hypertension and the risk of heart disease, to treat nerve disease and to alleviate joint problems.

The San Pedro medicine has to be boiled before consuming. You have to remove the spines from the cactus and cut off the skin. Only this part is used for the San Pedro ceremony because the white part in the middle of the plant is not good for your body. The sacred plant can be consumed as tea or blended drink after boiling it. There are also other techniques, like the drying technique after. However, the cactus always has to be boiled before taking it.

Tipping is always appreciated and should completely be based on your satisfaction. Although tipping may not be usual to you, it is important to the people who’ll take care of you during your trip (drivers, translators, spiritual teachers, shamans, etc.).

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San Pedro Full Day Experience with 3 Healing Ceremonies -PRIVATE

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