The Gateway of Trust


The ability to be intimate makes people receptive, and receptivity is the gateway to deep, primal trust.Scientific studies show that our human brain has had the capacity for an average of 150 contacts for more than 1000 years. Because indigenous peoples were already aware of this capacity limit, they reduced their clan as soon as it grew (source reference).

Now, social media has actually increased that limit in modern man. Many are now able to maintain well over 150 contacts. However, the question is less how many contacts we manage at the same time. Rather, the question arises as to whether we experience good quality connections; are the professional and private relationships trustworthy and nurturing or more functional?

While it has not yet been scientifically proven, Aline, Angel and the SONQO team are convinced that the collectively increased ability to relate is not only connected to social media, but also to the fact that more and more people let their hearts lead them.

The strategic mind thinks in fears, worries and silent expectations. He limits the potential; Heart power, on the other hand, lets us be present in the now and opens us to think and feel in possibilities.

Another important aspect of the strategic mind is that it is knowing. Based on trained knowledge, experiences and also out of the fear of being ignorant, he constantly classifies, sorts and judges people, situations and the entire outside world. The heart power is free from this energy draining work. It doesn't have to judge, divide or control -- the heart is UNKNOWING.

The state of not knowing makes us compassionate. Compassion stops the analyzing, controlling and manipulating of the strategic mind. Compassion makes us receptive to wisdom, and wisdom connects us in the moment - in the now with the potential of a situation or our fellow human beings. Being compassionate and receptively present is true INTIMACY.

Man has attributed intimacy to sexuality for centuries. But there are many forms of sexuality that are anything but intimate, but rather functionally motivated. Intimacy is pure heart energy flowing between souls. If this flow is completely free and unimpeded, then the basic trust blossoms and we become sensitive; we listen to our inner wisdom and are able to decide and act wisely on the outside.


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An important facet of intimacy is patience: thank you very much for reading this far and for being patient. Thank you very much for your interest – we are already looking forward to seeing you again – see you soon!

Your Travel and Healing Team