Between Respect und Resignation


To integrate the magic of the jungle into modern everyday life, into decisions and into consistent actions; this requires the fullest devotion from the heart.

Who doesn't love them - the exciting challenges in the form of adventures and broadening horizons?! Experience new things and feel alive at the same time; these are two important properties of transformations and also of travel. In the best case, the integration of new impulses leads to growth and the wonderful feeling of being vital and alive.

"Loving is not just a romantic feeling - loving is an action". Bell Hooks

In the beginning it takes courage to let go of the comfort zone of the familiar and to enthusiastically engage in something that is still unpredictable. Then mental strength and frustration tolerance are usually tested for the first time. In what intensity and quantity are unfamiliar circumstances allowed to occur so that the mind does not start to block and enjoyment, enthusiasm or even euphoria can take over? Do you know from yourself what you need as familiar constants in order to be courageous and open based on that? For example regular sleep, a morning coffee, your morning routine, cleanliness, available friends, favorite clothes, etc. What would you miss the most and what really gets you going when you can't have it?

"Your task is not to look for love on the outside, but merely to break down all the barriers within yourself that you have built up against her". Rumi

Likewise, it is not your job to seek well-being or fight for your comfort zone. Your job is to let go of barriers that prevent you from tackling challenges with zest for life. Sometimes this is easy and other times it requires mental work.

If you would like support in this regard, our  Swiss partner SONQO offers three-month «essential mentoring», which is individually tailored to you and, if possible, takes place online or on site. The key to constructive change is to keep falling in love with entirely new constants while being aware of which existing habits you remain wholeheartedly true to.


Anyone who decides to travel to the jungle will sooner or later learn to love completely new constants or habits in their everyday holiday life - this awakens the joyful feeling of "love at first sight" for many - why? Because the journey into the jungle also leads to a journey into your inner nature and into your natural wildness. What you experience on the outside also affects your inner being. And what we experience outdoors on a jungle trip 

Natural sound healing: Being in the rhythmic sound of the animals around the clock is pure pleasure.

Natural healing yoga: the warm, humid climate makes the joints, muscles and fascial system of the human body supple again in a natural way.

Natural Munay Meditation: the rainforest is a pure expression of abundance, organic growth and a gentle vitality. The mentality of the local people is also an expression of this.

Natural superfoodthe rainforest helps us to come back into contact with completely original products that are very easy to prepare. This calms the sometimes greedy sense of taste and stimulates the wise gut feeling.

Original wisdom: with an expert guide you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the biodiversity of a primeval forest on site. For example, we all hate mosquitoes. But the guide can show us that even mosquitoes play an important role; for example, cocoa can only be pollinated by mosquitoes! should we love or hate mosquitoes?;)

Affection and devotion are the magic formula of unconditional love and also a joyful journey. But how do we get back to everyday life and the usual routines after a happy trip? It often starts again the very next day with pending issues, well-established processes and the required behavioral patterns. How do we manage to integrate the exotic habits into our usual everyday life? Do we tend to mentally create parallel worlds by leaving an exotic holiday world behind and returning to playing the old roles we are used to? Is it possible to integrate the jungle experiences and the magic of the primeval forest into previous structures and relationships and thus transform our own habits?

"Respect has two faces: it can show itself efficiently as endurance in the form of resignation or as deep acceptance in the form of integration". Aline Feichtinger

Resignation is a struggle believed lost. Resignation robs us of an incredible amount of energy. It is unredeemed acceptance stuck in old patterns. However, deep acceptance in the sense of integration manifests itself in a life-affirming way – then one and one does not become two but three, as when love creates a sacred space between two people or even a new life is created.

«SONQO – Celebrate Life: in Quechua SONQO means heart. To celebrate life from the heart as a human being and at the same time as humanity and as a cosmos, that is our original nature»

Who hasn't it happened to? After a retreat, after a cocoa ceremony or after a trip, we come back to our usual everyday life and suddenly we get very excited about ourselves, about our circumstances and about other people. And it is precisely for these moments that we practice Munay, healing yoga, sound healing and other "methods" in order to learn, precisely when the circumstances are difficult, to remain open-hearted, to let love flow and to be able, through a widely pulsating heart, to do integration work. However, integration does not mean mixing the new with the old. Integration work replaces obsolete patterns that have tempted to react emotionally. The shedding of old patterns creates space to discover new behaviors of one's own and to become receptive from a compassionate observation to the wisdom that arises in the current moment.

On our group trip JUNGLE VIBES we dive into the endless expanses of the green ocean and discover not only new things on the outside, but also on the inside. Our local guide Raùl takes us into the jungle during the day, where we learn interesting facts about flora and fauna. Angel and Aline create the circle to prepare for the adventures through healing yoga in the mornings and reflect on conversations in the evenings and integrate through Cacao Ceremonies and Munay Meditations.

The next journey into the jungle takes place from

9 – 16 October

with additional week in the Cusco region from

October 16 – 27

Would you like to come along? – Great, we are very happy and advise you to book the flights very soon, because the prices are rising rapidly at the moment. Check out the "Skyscanner" app: here you can still find affordable flights. If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact us, we are happy to help you with your trip planning.

Where would we be if everyone said where we would be and no one would go and see where we would be if we walked". Kurt Marti

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Angel & Aline with the amazing Travel and Healing Team