Spiritual Salkantay Trek

Revive and Recharge in the Andean Mountains


SALKANTAY means “WILD” in old Quechua and the Salkantay mountain itself is considered as the mountain of the warrior and as literally “the mountain that brings changes”. It is located close to the Amazon Jungle and the legendary ancient Inca capitol Machu Picchu.

This Trek is an unique hiking experience and magical pilgrimage that clears mind, body and soul. Through the integration of spiritual, physical, and mindful activities on the way to Machu Picchu, one learns more about the ancient Inca culture and the local communities of the Andes Mountains.

Our local guides know the mountains around the majestic Salkantay better than anyone. Together with our Yoga instructors and trusted shamans, they guide small groups through the lush green valleys and mountainous trails to their ultimate destination Machu Picchu. Accompanied by sturdy mountain horses and mules, all guests can focus completely the stunning impressions and sceneries as luggage is carried by those strong animals.

While our tour guides lead our group through the high Andean mountains and lush green valleys, our Yoga instructors lead gently through daily Vinyasas. Our shamans however are guiding every single group member through the individual internal process. With shamanic healing rituals, ceremonies, and personal mentoring they help to release everything that is allowed to go.

Often the Spiritual Salkantay Trek is combined with a previous Ayahuasca Retreat in our families Retreat center nearby San Salvador. The ancient plant healing with the master plant from the Amazon is the perfect preparation for the healing process every individual goes through on the trek. Cleansing one entirely on all levels and guided with decades of experience and professionalism, those retreats are considered as the best practice of letting go.

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What is the difference of hiking the Salkantay with a Travel and Healing group?

Security: The Salkantay is an ancient trek through the Andean mountains, heading to legendary Machu Picchu. It is an open hiking trek; everyone can hike by himself basically. However, as it is remote and high up in the mountains with altitudes going up to 4000 meters, it is not recommended hiking it on your own- unless you are a highly experienced alpinist and familiar with the area.

Hiking the Salkantay within a small group, guided by professionals that have grown up in the area maximizes every security aspect. Our team is best equipped for every kind of situation and incident for you can focus on your journey and just enjoy it.

Health and Wellbeing: Every group is furthermore accompanied by a professional Yoga instructor that leads daily Vinyasas according to the needs of the group. Stretching and preparing the body gently for its long day on the trail is the perfect way of practicing gratitude and love.

Furthermore, instead of freeze dried backpack meals, our groups are provided with healthy local superfoods, freshly cooked and lovingly prepared by our staff, nourishing the stomach, eyes and soul. Well equipped campsites and cozy tents ensure a well rest between those long days on the trail.

Mental Aspect: If you have been on a pilgrimage before or are into mountaineering, you are well familiar with the fact that such a trip most commonly is not just about beautiful landscapes and physical exercise. It is the people we meet on our way that touch us deeply.

Some encounters often just seem meant to be as they bring light into some darker chambers of our being. Walking aside by side with like minded people is enriching every trek, especially if they are strangers in the beginning. Like this, everyone can focus on his or her own path without a feeling of commitment and is free to enjoy the others accompaniment if he or she wishes so. Along the way, you are free to choose how much time you want to spend with others throughout the day. We provide you with the opportunity of group activities like meditations and yoga sessions, shared meals and others but it is our choice in the end how you want to spend your rest of the day.

Spiritual Aspect: As your body and mind is accompanied and guided by out tour guides, your soul is guided on an energetic level by our shaman. Every group is accompanied by a shaman of the Qeros nation, that is introducing every member to ancient healing rituals. Ceremonies of gratitude and blessings to the Apus, the spirits of the mountains and to Pachamama herself held within the beautiful scenery of the snowcapped mountain peaks and glacier lakes.

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Machu Picchu

Did you always want to visit the legendary Inca capitol in the high mountains but avoid tourist streams on your way? 

That’s what we thought too. We cherish the remote Salkantay trek as it is less known than the Inca Trail and therefore, less busy. Approaching the magical site of Machu Picchu through the Salkantay is a complete different experience as reaching it with a bus. Together we walk through the ancient sun agate, just as our ancestors did and see that stunning world wonder from a completely different view.

Our unique Salkantay Package includes all costs around the Machu Picchu Sight visit

Voices of Transformation

“Hiking the Salkantay with Travel and Healing was the best decision of my life. First I was skeptical about the group- as I travelled solo and did not know anybody in advance- but from the first day on, I felt absolutely comfortable with my fellow hikers. We were all about the same age and really enjoyed our time together. For me, it was the cherry on the top to this marvelous trek and I am sure I’ll come again!”

Carol, 27

“I joined a group spontaneously after my Ayahuasca ceremony in San Salvador. Angels family did a great job and I felt very safe from the very beginning of our retreat. After this, I had a strong feeling to move my body in order to regain my connection again. Angel just organized everything from one day to the other and I found myself on the Salkantay just some days after my retreat ended. The deep talks and special time our shaman took for me was what I needed after the process I went through. I am forever thankful for his time and loving words and will never forget the day we arrived at Machu Picchu. I did not just arrive at that sight but at myself.. Thank you so much. “

Marcus, 34

“My sons and I booked the Salkantay together this spring to heal from a traumatic incident within our family. I just decided to take them into the mountains for a while but am not an alpinist myself so the Spiritual Salkantay offered by Travel and Healing was just the perfect opportunity for us. I would have never expected such a heart-warming atmosphere on a hiking trail, to be honest. Every single person of the staff was just so friendly. We could really let ourselves go on the way and just dive into nature, without worrying about anything else. Especially my younger son went through a deep transformation through these days and even stayed in Cusco after our trek to engage in volunteering activities for a while. I am very grateful and happy we did this, as it brought us more together again as a family. Thank you all for your kindness and effort, it is highly appreciated.”

Brian, 53

Spiritual Salkantay Trek