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Life-changing, transformational retreat experiences that help you find your purpose & reconnect to yourself, nature and the whole cosmos.


Tailor-made Experiences

Build your spiritual pilgrimage, your adventure. We create your customized journey for you - just tell us what you want to explore.


30 Days Self Transformation in Peru

A life-changing travel experience in Peru: Participate in volunteering activities, experience the healing power of Inca plant medicine & more!



Discover yourself on a sacred, spiritual journey.

12 Days Peru Pilgrimage with Angel


December 27 2021 - January 7 2022·12 days / 11 nights

12 Days Peru Pilgrimage with Angel

A transformational journey that teaches you to connect with yourself, your heart and the whole cosmos.


30 Days Self Transformation Journey in Peru


Daily·30 days / 29 nights

30 Days Self Transformation Journey in Peru

A spiritual journey with life changing activities. Learn more about the Andean culture, hidden treasures & yourself on a deeper level.


Spiritual Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu


Daily·5 days / 4 nights

Spiritual Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Experience the sacred Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu while traversing lagoons, snow capped mountains, cloud forests and Andean communities.


Our Story

A life­ changing experience can renew your vitality. Imagine balancing yourself in all aspects of your being: the physical, emotional and spiritual. Travel and Healing offers transformational travel experiences, which integrate spiritual retreats to 

invigorate the soul, treks to generate physical and personal confidence, and ancestral culture to help you accomplish your life goals. We combine all of these experiences to restore your well­being; we call this “traveling in balance,” or “intelligent travel.”


We Embrace the Power of Pachamama & Women

Travel and Healing is a women-friendly employer – over 50% of our office employees & guides are female workers. 70% of our management are women. With our consciousness of human equality, we aim to create a women-empowered, human-centered environment. That is also due to our respect to Pachamama, the Mother Earth, who in Andean cosmology is the force loving & supporting all beings unconditionally, and our respect to our own mothers too. 


"I feel good know that all those friends participating in ceremonies return to their homes very happy and with a positive approach to life."

About Travel and Healing

Support of local projects

Support of local projects

Every journey paid by our travelers, we pay it forward by donating 12% of what we earned to local community projects. You can decide which project you want to support: The dog shelter of Cusco, our reforestation project in Pucallpa or the children's home?

Sumac Kausay

Sumac Kausay

We commit to the Andean principle of Sumac Kausay; the path of life, where everybody understands the deep meaning of living well and internalizes that the detriment of all beings is the deterioration of the whole.

Our vision

Our vision

Be the number one holistic and spiritual travel center Cusco, based on programs that integrate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing methods. We want to make a change in the world!

Our mission

Our mission

To provide transformational travel experiences that empower people and inspire their life journey. Self transformation journeys as a pilgrimage for your body, mind & soul.

Discover more

These experiences will change you and your life, forever.

3 Days Ayahuasca Retreat with Meditation & Volunteering Experience

July - December·3 days / 2 nights

3 Days Ayahuasca Retreat with Meditation & Volunteering Experience

A life-changing ayahuasca retreat in Peru that combines a volunteering experience at a dog shelter, meditation and shamanic ceremonies.


San Pedro Ceremony Full Day

Daily· 1 day

San Pedro Ceremony Full Day

On this day trip you will experience a sacred San Pedro ceremony with our shamanic healer, connecting with nature and your inner self.



See what 1000+ travellers have said about their 5 star experiences with Travel & Healing

I contacted Healing & Travel to plan a 30 day Spiritual trip to Peru for me. They planned everything for me including Flights in Peru, Taxi, accommodations and all my activities. I participated in many activities including Spanish Lessons, 1 day tour of Cusco, Cooking Lessons, Chocolate Making Lessons, Horseback riding, 5 day Ayahuasca retreat, Cocoa ceremony, Rose ceremony, San Padro ceremony, Massage, Volunteering with the dog shlter, Volunteering with the elderly, 5 day Salkantay Trek and Trainig with a Maestro (Shaman). It was a well planned out trip. Any issues that I had they quickly helped me. I would definately recommend planning a trip with Healing & Travel, they can help organize anything you are looking to do. <3


Recommend this awakening journey for cultural & spiritual experience seekers! I heard about San Pedro from a blog article about Shamanic medicines and did research online before I signed up. When I met Angel's team, they did not push for sale, instead, they asked me to fill out a questionnaire about my health status for evaluation, and explained the ceremony process and the fact that San Pedro is natural mescaline (the effect would last for 5-8 hours after taking it) clearly in a very professional way. A perfect journey with mind-body-soul experiences in full aspect.


My daughter and I had the most wonderful experience with Travel and Healing. We wanted to have an authentic healing and cleansing ceremony with a shaman, but we didn't want an Ayahuasca-type adventure. We were so grateful for T&H's professionalism and punctuality. We were picked up at our hotel right on time, and our guide introduced us to our Shaman. We had 3 ceremonies, and the guide translated for the Shaman. It was profoundly moving to have the Shaman provide a coca-tea leaf reading, and to have a cleansing ceremony. The last ceremony was a traditional offering to Mother Earth. The entire morning was amazing, and a wonderful part of our trip to Peru. Highly recommend!

Dolores H.

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